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  • Developer: QGIS
  • Genre: Geographic Information System
  • Version: 2021
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Geographic Information System
Windows PC


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Matthew Moore

QGIS is a user-friendly and open-source Geographic Information System (GIS) software. It is cross-platform, available for Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems. Supports many popular spatial data formats, include ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo File, PostGIS, others. Product QGIS download Windows 10 is a cross-platform, open-source program for viewing, editing, analyzing geographic information in formats including vector data, raster data, geospatial data. It is a free software project. Software download QGIS Mac is a powerful tool for geographic data management and analysis, with capabilities similar to expensive commercial software.


Interface is a lot well organized and easy to use. Interface is divided into four tabs, Layers tab, Places tab, Styles tab, and the Processing tab. Under Layers tab, you can select your layer, zoom in/out, edit, export to other formats. Under the Places tab, you can zoom in/out, edit, export. Under Styles tab, you can customize the colors, line width, line type, etc. Under the Processing tab, you can edit or export. This is QGIS free download interface. This is the main window. It is divided into three sections, the menu bar, toolbar, map. Menu bar has tools that are displayed when user right-clicks the item on toolbar. This is the Inspector. It provides information about the selected item on the map. This is Map Viewer. It shows map. Interface is very intuitive and easy to use (learn more guides on qgis.zendesk.com). There is an upper bar with menu, lower windows with map and sidebar. Map window has all of tools you need to complete an analysis, like ability to zoom in and out, pan, change map type, import data, print, create labels, measure distances.


Software is very user-friendly and easy to use. Interface is very well organized and easy to use. User simply selects the layer that they want, zooms in/out, edits, exports. Software is very user-friendly and efficient. It is very easy to navigate and the buttons and widgets are very clear. Buttons and widgets are very easy to use and the map is responsive to the user. The install QGIS Linux Mint suite is easy to use, with an intuitive navigation system. Software has four main control panels: main controls, map, layer controls, table of contents. It is easy to find what you are looking for, without having to spend too much time figuring out how to do so.


Software QGIS online is a powerful, open-source GIS software. It supports many popular spatial data formats, including ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo File, PostGIS, others. Application is a very powerful and complete software that can be used for many different purposes such as editing, analyzing, generating maps. With QGIS install, users can run complex tasks such as handling huge datasets and managing projects with many layers.


Support for QGIS desktop is not very helpful. There are not many tutorials, there are not many videos, tutorials that are there are not very helpful for people who are new to GIS. Software has a very active forum where users can get help with their issues. Additionally, software has a wiki where users can find more information about the software.


  • I'm not seeing any products in the Store.
    Store is only available to desktop users.
  • Why can't I pan map in QGIS Ubuntu App?
    App cannot pan the map when window is not maximized.
  • I'm getting an error message that says "QGIS has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience."
    If you are using a version QGIS 2.14 and you have an outdated GEOS library, it is possible that you will encounter this error.



Overall, QGIS Windows 10 is a great GIS software that is free and has many of the same features as expensive software. It is more for experienced users of GIS, but it is still an excellent GIS software.


  • Ease of use
  • User-friendly
  • Gives a lot of information
  • You can export to a Code project
  • You can export to C++


  • Couldn’t find any
  • This is not a good app for beginners
  • It only works with ArcGIS 10

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